Trademark Application

Trademark application can be quite confusing and requires a thorough understanding of the type of the trademark you are required to register for. Application process can be quite cumbersome and requires loads of patience, effort and time to do the research. Why not save your time and energy by securing highly qualified and experienced professionals of GoldKey Business Centre?

The application process often requires going through adjustments requested by the intellectual property department to ensure compliance with the current law and trademark legislation rules.

Trademark Search

Trademark application process begins with trademark search. You need to verify whether your proposed trademark isn’t already in use by another legal entity in Canada.
After the search is completed, you will receive a report that identifies all similar existing trademarks that you have submitted that will assist you in making a decision to register or modify your trademark.

Our Service

  • With our extensive trademark registration experience in Canada, as well as in US, we are able to provide a wide range of services including with your online application process.
  • From your initial trademark inquiry, followed by a complimentary trademark proposal evaluation, we provide you with a professional advice on the content and scope of the trademark application and its process. Once finalized, the application gets submitted.
  • Due to our careful assessment, the most of our applications get approved the first time. We help you to see the entire process through until the end, when your trademark is finally approved.