Development and Modification of Business’ Documents

GoldKey Business Center was founded to assist businesses grow and succeed in all business aspects; be it from new business registration, through development of business operations to providing a wide range of consulting and business-related services.


Company file search and filing

Want to run your company’s health check? The GoldKey Business Center provides real-time search of all federal and provincial companies, preventing loss of business documentation for the companies you set up during your corporate restructuring, any changes in registration, and unnecessary address changes. We provide following services and products:

  • Checking company’s status, merging history, registration file, current name, and former name
  • Checking the registered office address and mailing address
  • Checking the name and address of the director and current leader information
  • Appling for business information changes
  • Checking provincial registration information and more
  • Appling for registration of federally incorporated business to conduct business in other provinces
  • Preparing Enterprise/Corporate annual tax return

Safe Search

Safe Search is a full understanding of all legal obligations related to individuals or businesses. GoldKey Business Center provides secure search for individuals and businesses across Canada. The search will show the status and history of debt, unclosed and potential litigation, bankruptcy, liens, judgments, and asset sales in Ontario.

SafeSearch related services include:

  • PPSA search (see below)
  • Bankruptcy Search (Federal and Provincial)


PPSA(Personal Property Security Act) is a provincial legislation that gives creditors priority in the purchase and sale of movable property in the case of property with a registered guarantee.

The PPSA search report indicates whether the personal property of a company, individual, company name or motor vehicle identification number is covered and is subject to the security interest of any creditor. PPSA registration enables creditors to register, modify, update and fulfill the above personal property rights. 

GoldKey Business Center provides PPSA search and registration services nationwide within Canada, including searching and registering under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), including:

  • PPSA Search (certified or unverified)
  • Copy of CSRA (Corporate Security Registration Act)
  • PPSA + Summary Services