Environmental Permit

Canada has a very strict legal system in place to protect its environment, hence requirement for industrial companies to obtain relevant permits to adhere with the environmental laws. We can apply for environmental permits on your company’s behalf, conduct environmental industry surveys and plan chemical management. We will also notify you of any new law regulation changes as these regulatory treaties frequently change.
When Producing or Processing following items in Canada, businesses require an environmental permit including:
• chemicals
• Polymers
• Biotech products
• Biotech products


Applying for ECA (Environmental Compliance Certification)

Complex or specific types of businesses, such as landfills or wastewater treatment plants, must apply for ECA (Environmental Compliance Certification). By law, such a business must meet the conditions set by the ECA and the business may get regularly inspected.

To apply for Environmental Compliance (ECA), you need:

  1. Read the “Application for Environmental Compliance Certification Guide”
  2. Complete the environmental compliance approval application form
  3. Provide a complete list of technical requirements submitted for environmental compliance approval
  4. Provide a copy of all necessary supporting documents

To apply for ECA, you can provide us the above-mentioned materials and we will assist you with your Compliance certification application. After applying, we can also help you track the progress of your application.