Internal Controls

Gold Key business centre’s primary goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their own, stable and profitable company, that is a business enabling them to manage their time and rape the benefits of their efforts accordingly.

More and more companies are starting to realise the importance of establishing internal control mechanisms as their top priority. Gold Key Business Centre’s consultants are highly qualified and experienced in the areas such as how to set up effective corporate structure to support healthy, sustainable business growth. This includes setting up financial supervision process, quality of work, avoiding financial fraud, separation of powers and other rules to unravel business potential and grow a sustainable brand and quality products that gain recognition in the market place.

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Internal Controls

Internal control is divided into 5 parts:

  • Internal environment
    This is the general term for various internal factors that influence and restrict the establishment and implementation of the internal control system of enterprises and form the basis for the implementation of internal control. The internal environment mainly includes the governance structure, organizational structure and distribution of rights and responsibilities, corporate culture, human resources policies, internal audit mechanism and anti-fraud mechanisms.
  • Risk Assessment
    This is the process of identifying and scientifically analyzing various uncertainties that affect the achievement of corporate strategy and management objectives and adopting coping strategies. It is an important part and content of implementing internal control. Risk assessment mainly includes target setting, risk identification, risk analysis and risk response.
  • Control Measures
    This is based on the results of risk assessment, combined with risk management strategies taken to ensure that the objectives and means of internal control to achieve the means and means of implementation of internal control is the specific mode and carrier. The control measures shall be formulated according to the characteristics and requirements of the specific business and matters of the enterprise, including the division of responsibilities, authorization control, examination and approval control, budget control, property protection and control, accounting system control, internal report control, economic activity analysis and control, performance appraisal control, Information technology control and so on.
  • Information and communication
    It is important to implement internal control in a timely, accurate and complete manner to collect all kinds of information related to the operation and management of enterprises and to make timely and accurate communication of these information in appropriate levels among the relevant enterprises.
  • supervised check
    Supervision and inspection are the processes by which an enterprise supervises, examines and evaluates the soundness, rationality and effectiveness of its internal control system, forms a written report and handles it accordingly, and is an important guarantee for the implementation of internal control.

Highlights of Our service:

  • Improve internal control mechanisms
  • Establish a rationalization method for the internal control system of an enterprise so as to reduce the management cost
  • Reduce the risk of internal fraud
  • Purposeful avoidance of foreseeable risks
  • Improve business execution

ERP control

  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) is an important task in the operation of large-scale enterprises. It is not only a financial and business integration software system, but also an integrated management application system integrating financial management, supervision and information systems.
  • We can help you set up your ERP system and oversee all parts of your business and the entire process, from design control, safety implementation, ongoing monitoring, to late evaluation. ERP helps you to understand the major risks in your business, avoid costly and repetitive work, reduce the risk of fraud and ensure the normal operation of the project.
  • We also provide technical assistance to integrate the GRC process to ensure accurate communication among employees.