Company’s Information Maintenance and Update

Corporate information can change during the time the company’s in operation. Change in ownership structure, mergers, acquisitions, moving, dissolution and other changes are part of the business life cycle. In the event of a change, government requires prompt notification of any change appropriate documents must be promptly submitted to the government department of MGS and recorded in company documents.

 Company’s Information Maintenance and Update

We at Gold Key can assist you with any company updates including the following:

  • change of addressWhen a company changes its office address, it must notify the MGS government service within 15 days from the change.
  • Shareholders changeChange of shareholder or executive information must be completed within 15 days of the change and submit a change notice to MGS.
  • Company name changeIf you need to change your company name, you must apply for a NUANS® report under the new name and then complete the change through the NUANS® report and submitting the stated fees.
  • Change in sharesIf you need to change the company’s share structure or terms, you must submit the revised terms.

Our Services

Gold Key Business Center offers assistance with the following types of corporate documents updates and archives:

  • Articles of Association and Merger Terms
  • Update company status, registration documents, board information and mailing address
  • Provincial / Federal registration or permit for existing company
  • Business Name Registration and Registration (Master Business Licenses)
  • Apply / amend / terminate your business license
  • Change of appointment / removal of general manager’s documents
  • Company Merger / Restructuring / Dissolution Agreements
  • Non-profit documents that register or modify the terms of non-profit organizations, associations, or societies
  • patent application