Talent Acquisition

Hiring experienced accountants and bookkeepers

Differentiating between the sea of professional accountants providing their accounting and bookkeeping services can be a daunting and rather overwhelming process. Finding the one that is a right fit for your business and you can absolutely rely on and trust is not a decision to be made lightly. Accounting Connection Creation simplifies this process by allowing you to gain your accountant’s trust by asking specific questions. If you are in need of a Chartered Professional Accountant, contact us at 416-551-9990 for more details about how we could meet your company’s needs. First and foremost, your first consultation is FREE!

Our company specializes in training junior accountants and bookkeepers through providing training opportunities for the new graduates currently enrolled in the chartered professional accounting program who then provide accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized business owners within the GTA. We help employers finding matching candidates faster by understanding the employers needs and requirements, and arranging for candidates to connect with the employer in an efficient and convenient manner.

A little bit about our service:

  • Extend your search beyond your personal contacts and have a qualified CPA or trainee contacting you
  • Flexible Services: We can provide long-term, short term, fixed-wage or hourly employees. Under the premise of providing high quality service, employers can stay assured they can get more work done, with lesser worries.
  • Talent Management: Create, track, and manage candidates for the present or future employment through folders, reminders, and smart to-do lists. Simplify workflow and team activities by sharing project, search, profile, and applicant descriptions.