Social Media Promotion

Online shoppers who spend most of their time interacting online, tend to seek for information to help them make informed decisions. Internet information age has enabled us to quickly identify product and services we are seeking, as well as check in for the reviews and other information that assist us with the decision making.

Over the recent years, social media has significantly changed the marketing models and the form of sales and marketing. Incorporating online advertising and social media engagement with the customers has become the major driver to attract new customers and maintain cost-efficient lasting relationships with the current customers. Effective use of social media has become crucial platform of building a brand and marketing to customers.

Why promoting through social media?

The Rocket Post group has conducted a survey according to which:

  • 1 in every 3 Americans uses Facebook to receive their daily source of news and messages.
  • $40% of the respondents said that they interact more through social media than face-to-face, including the marketing communications through social media interaction
  • Twitter users spend on average over 170 minutes per month reading about real-time news and information shared by their mentors and business entities they follow
  • online shopping; an average amount spent on Pintrest was $140, while Facebook averaged around $60.

So how can you utilize the power of Social Media?

  1. Developing social media strategies
    At first you need to develop social media marketing strategy that is in line with the company’s brand positioning, in other words enhances your brand and builds brand awareness.

    Based on your brand and product positioning, we help you to implement and develop the most appropriate social media channels strategies that enable you to engage with your target audience.

  1. Identifying Promotional Goals & Developing your Social Media Outreach Goals.
    Nowadays, all large companies use social media to promote all business areas, while small or start-up companies are more likely to focus on one or two of the following areas:

    Brand Promotion
    Many Start-ups utilize social media as a channel to promote their brand awareness, featuring their products and using content marketing as a form to interact with users in order to promote their brand.

    Content sharing
    Many companies use social media as a platform for content sharing and spreading the word out. Posting captivating content will enhance customer engagement and their willingness to promote your brand with others on the social media pages

    Driving traffic to your Main Website
    Social media can significantly boost the traffic to your official website or a blog post. However, it requires a long-term commitment to measure the effectiveness of engaging customers through the social media

    Harvesting the fruits of your labor
    The main advantage of building brand through social media is that it enables you to build deeper loyalty and nurturing long term relationships with your customers. Getting to know your customers needs allows you to be agile and competitive in today’s fast changing marketplace and also scaling your marketing efforts by customers boasting about an amazing product or service they got from you with others through power of social media content sharing.

  2. Choosing Social Media Platform that’s Right for Your type of Business
    Depending on your promotional goals and strategies you can choose the right social media platform to target your audience. The most popular social media platforms for local consumer groups are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, Pinterest and many others. On the other hand, from experience, social media which target Chinese consumers rely mainly on micro-blogging, and other social media platforms. Each social media platform differs in the form in which they engage its audience and hence the choice will rely on the efficiency with which they can convert your efforts into paying customers and devoted followers. Pintrest has been gaining latest popularity, becoming the latest most fastest growing social media platform, enabling sharing images as a form to promote physical products of the small businesses and product creators

The Gold Key Business Center will develop a complete set of social media promotion programs for your brand and merchandise, and can provide long-term operational services, enhancing brand image and visibility, and boosting product sales.

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