Logo Design

Establishing a brand is important to enable your business stand out in the competitive marketplace. A brand is a sure way to build devoted customers who return back for more business because they recognize what you stand for as well as gives direction to your employees and attracts future talent. A memorable Logo is a visual symbol your customers will recognize and will help with promoting your business online and other marketing efforts to stablish strong client base. We’ll design high quality logo to meet your style and satisfy your trademark requirements.

For a trademark to be effective, following guidelines should be taken into consideration:

  1. The trademark design shouldn’t be overly simplified
    At first, make sure your logo can be easily recognized and clearly distinguished, especially if your brand is new or needs to increase its market visibility. Your trademark should be associated with your product or service to help increase its recognition and visibility.Secondly, unlike with big companies with huge marketing budgets and big commercials in prime time that help them promote their brand recognition, small companies on a tight budget require developing a trademark that will help identify and communicate their products or services in a positive light and a strong impact. Small business trademarks needs to quickly convey to customers their selling point or business products.
  1. Trademark composition should be consistent with the design of the icon
    The small business trademark consists of two components: Printing elements and icon element. Icon element and the overall layout of the trademark play the major role in the efficiency of the design. The layout should be consistent and balanced with the icon design to optimize and amplify customer’s impression.
  1. Color choice – Vibrant colors
    Some industries can be identified with a specific color. For example, heating companies tend to use red color in their logo design, air-conditioning companies will use blue……. So, when deciding your brand color, you can try to break the norm and go with the color that would be unusual for the industry you are competing in to enhance your visibility and enabling you to stand out.
  1. Scale and Scope of trademark
    Consider the scope in which you are going to use the trademark. Try to choose designs that are self-explanatory. For example, a memorable icon would be especially useful when your small business relies a lot on recognition on billboards or outdoor advertising. Designing a catchy icon is especially important in outdoor environment since it requires effective and quick communication of information.A simple test would be designing the logo and covering the text message, revealing only the graphics of the logo. Can you easily understand the nature of the business?

    Trademarks should also be designed with the scope and use in mind, such as using with the following items:

  • Business Cards
    How will the logo appear on your business card along with other features, for example printing out double-sided cards, how much space it will fill and the flow of the design.
  • Tags
    Would a different size of your logo still convey the message of the trademark design?
  • Vehicle Use
    Will the logo stand out and still clearly send the clear marketing message about your type of business when applied on the company’s vehicle?
  • Uniforms
    Your employees are essentially your walking breathing brand. Neat professional Uniforms with the company’s logo will reinstate your brand in the customers eyes every time they get to interact with them in person.
  • Website design
    Your website should integrate your brand name in its design and overall structure, and should be able to communicate the concept of your brand clearly.
  • Social Media
    Your logo design should be designed in a way to withstand any social media avatar changes on your business page

Getting overwhelmed already? That’s exactly the reason why you should consider handing designing of your logo to us!

The GoldKey Business Center provides you with a professional logo design that takes into account all of the above-mentioned criteria to ensure your brand stands out in the competitive marketplace.