Revocation of the Dissolution

Reversing the decision to Dissolve the company
Although the Certificate of the intent of dissolution has been issued, the company may decide not to dissolve. To stop the dissolution process, the company needs to submit a form called Statement of Revocation of Intent to Dissolve together with applicable filing fee.Once the certificate of revocation of intent to dissolve is issued, the company is allowed to resume carrying on of its business activities.

Companies that have already been issued the certificate of dissolution can revive the corporation.

Revocation of the Dissolution

Who can apply for the revoking of the company?

Any stakeholder can request the revocation of the dissolution of the company, including:

  • The shareholders, directors, officers, employees or creditors of the dissolved company
  • Anyone who has a contractual relationship with the dissolved company
  • Any person who applies for reinstatement on justifiable grounds, such as a trustee in bankruptcy or a liquidator.

When Company dismisses the application for revocation

Canadian government may add conditions when they issue a company dissolution certificate of revocation, especially if the applicant is not a director or Chief officer of the company, such as:

  • Requirement for Notifying of the Company and its directors, chief officers and shareholding companies that they have been reinstated
  • It is advisable for companies, their directors and officers to contact Canadian governments to determine whether the company complies with CBCA’s reporting obligations.
  • If the company fails to update its reporting obligations under the CBCA in a timely manner and cannot remedy the situation, the Canadian government may dissolve the company within 120 days after the government issues the certificate of revocation certificate. Canadian governments may consider dissolving the company after a written request has been received with detailed reasons of the concerning individual.