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The secret behind a successful business isn’t how it is registered or maintained but your uttermost passion and forte. We hear you. Since its establishment, GoldKey has dedicated itself to streamline the process of running a business by offering comprehensive service to small business owners, such as yourself. In so doing, we spare you the time on all the irksome and time-consuming, bureaucratic details. Once enrolled in our full service, we will take care of every step of the process, from registration to opening accounts pertaining to your business. Our conscientious team of staff will accompany you from start to flourish. 

Our Motto:

Make time for wealth, for wealth won’t make time; leave the rest to us. 

“Make time for civilization, for civilization won’t make time.” In the Hugo Award winning trilogy, The Three-Body Problems, Chinese author Cixin Liu peddles his philosophical view on civilization as the result of humanity’s collective efforts. It is the time we have invested that builds us the civilization today; never the other way around. Civilization, no matter how advanced, will never return us the time we have put into building it. By the same token, you should prioritize your time and spend it on what matters most. Leave the rest to us. 

Our Services:

  1. Business registration – from pre-marketing research to registration and expansion, we take care of every procedure and deliver results. While we help foreign investors succeed in Canada, we also offer step-to-step guidance to Canadian businesses and help them realize their expansion to markets abroad.  
  2. Tax reports – Liaising with Ke Wang CPA, we help our clients make tax plans from scratch. Our chartered accountants will oversee every detail to ensure both accuracy and cost effectiveness that maximize your returns. 
  3. Quickbook Online Training – We pride ourselves in helping our clients grow. For any clients interested in improving their bookkeeping, our team of qualified staff offer comprehensive training to businesses from setups to take-offs.

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