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SME one-stop professional services

Golden Key Business Center is a comprehensive, one-stop business service platform for Canadian entrepreneurs / investors / entrepreneurs
Provide a full range of services from the establishment of the company, day-to-day operations, the company transition to the closure and other sectors required.
Please contact us at (416) 551-9990.

When starting a new company, it is required to chose a business structure of your business first There are three main types of business structures: self-employment or partnership companies,limited liability companies and non-profit organizations.

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In Canada, the only way to protect your business identity and intellectual property is to register a trademark. Trademarks represent the reputation, experience and expertise of an organization while differentiating products and services from its competitors and ensuring that intangible assets are most effectively protected.

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Any company in Ontario must have an Ontario registered address, and many companies choose to use separate company addresses to separate important government letters from other company letters.

GoldKey Business Center offers a wide range of virtual office services.

For more information, please call: (416) 901 1123

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We can make the perfect business plan according to your needs. Our consultants have many years of professional business planning experience that will help you develop clear, concise business plans and financial models.

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We work with Wang Ke CPAs to provide you with tax resident and non-tax resident personal tax returns, corporate tax returns, financial tax advice, tax audit and other accounting services.

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We Make Quickbooks Easy!

Be the Best in Your Job! Practical Knowledge on the World’s Best Accounting Software.

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Starting a new business?
Tired of your outdated website?
Let GoldKey Business Center help you stand out in today’s competitive marketplace with a professionally designed website and marketing campaigns. Our highly knowledgeable web designers and marketing managers have been assisting small business owners develop websites and marketing campaigns that attract more paying customers by implementing the most up to date technology for well over 10 years.

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Over the recent years, social media has significantly changed the marketing models and the form of sales and marketing. Incorporating online advertising and social media engagement with the customers has become the major driver to attract new customers and maintain cost-efficient lasting relationships with the current customers.

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The old SEO adage of including as many keywords on your website as possible that once were effective, is no longer the case since Google changed its search engine’s algorithm to a topic-clustering model which supports the website content based on the themes.

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Apply for the QUICKBOOKS training course we offer you

Getting started to professional training gives you peace of mind at QUICKBOOKS!

QBtrainings is an accounting software training facility that is operating under the wings of the business consulting firm, GoldKey business center. For well over 10 years the Goldkey business center has been assisting new and existing businesses to reach new heights by guiding and assisting business owners implementing business strategies that aid sustainable businesses growth and protects its investment. Under the leadership of a professional chartered accountant Ke Wang, Qbtrainings has been equipping business owners and aspired future accountants with valuable skills to organize financial data into useful information for better decision making.

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October 25th, 2017|

1. Keep Thy Audience Don’t make the mistake of assuming you know what your customers want. Do your homework. Speak to customers. Attend their trade shows. Read the publications they read. The goal: to identify an [...]


October 25th, 2017|

PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS ? Here are the ideas you should seriously consider: 1 "Expert" talks, presentations 49 Newspaper - "column" 2 "Guest" Register 50 Newspaper - classified 3 "Loaners:" books/videos/equip. 51 Newspaper - display 4 "Preferred [...]


October 25th, 2017|

When you start a new business, your first decision will be the type of business structure that is the most appropriate for you. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Incorporation all have their benefits and drawbacks. No one [...]

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Talent Acquisition

Differentiating between the sea of professional accountants providing their accounting and bookkeeping services can be a daunting and rather overwhelming process. Finding the one that is a right fit for your business and you can absolutely rely on and trust is not a decision to be made lightly. Accounting Connection Creation simplifies this process by allowing you to gain your accountant’s trust by asking specific questions.

If you are in need of a Chartered Professional Accountant, contact us at 416-551-9990 for more details about how we could meet your company’s needs. First and foremost, your first consultation is FREE!

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GoldKey business centre is a dynamic Entrepreneur Community organization whose primary goal is to provide key business resources such as business consulting, support, the business and the environment to be considered when creating small businesses.

The company is headquartered in Toronto, North York district, which is easily accessible by a car, or a public transit, making the access convenient and well-equipped. Our diverse and highly educated professionals are able to tailor our services to best suit your company’s needs.

We help entrepreneurs with building a comprehensive business plan during the planning stage along with a year long business consulting services during the business plan implementation stage to ensure your successful take off. Whether you are a full-time or just a part-time entrepreneur, we assist you with development of practical skills of running the business and provide you with a tightly knit consulting advice and support to ensure your business success. Our goal here at GoldKey Business development centre is to provide viable services that assist clients start their own successful and sustainable businesses and through their business build their financial independence.

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We work with Wang Ke CPA to provide you with non-tax residents, personal tax returns, tax returns, financial tax advice, tax audit and other accounting services

Processed Personal Tax Business


Ke Wang (Christina) Certified General Accountant Professional Services, the Toronto based professional firm, has been proudly serving our GTA clients for many years. Our clients come from multiple industries, including financial, construction, retail, real estate, IT consulting, etc. Our mission is to assist clients better understand financial well-being of their business operations. We are committed to being your outstanding accounting service provider in the competitive market, striving to deliver high-quality, reliable work at very affordable prices. As Certified General Accountants, we see more than just the numbers.

TEL: (416) 551-5550 EMAIL: info@cwcga.com WEBSITE:https://www.cwcga.com